Eight Ways To Make A Wall 'Pop' In Your Home

Make the most of an interior wall by doing something to make it 'pop.' This can make smaller rooms seem larger, simple surroundings seem stylish, and larger rooms more cohesive. Try bringing some pizzazz to any room in your home with some simple design ideas. Eight ways to make a plain wall 'pop' are: Hang something elegant. The first suggestion is to go minimal by using the wall to showcase an elegant piece of wall art.

Selecting Living Room Curtains: Two Tips

Your living room is the one of the major spaces inside your home. It's likely that you'll spend time in the space with your family and entertain guests there throughout the year, so you'll want to make it as beautiful as possible. Curtains can help your living room to look its best; look at the following two tips and consider them when you select window treatments for the area. Go Longer and Wider Than You Think You Need

Mesh Screen Doors and Outdoor Candle Lanterns for a Cool Exterior Look

Walking outside on a patio shouldn't be a high-risk endeavor. Slips and trips are possible when visibility is low due to limited light. Outdoor candle lanterns might add a nice bit of illumination to an exterior. Of course, simply installing overhead motion detector lights can do the same thing. What various functional light system cannot do is bring out a unique decorative look to the exterior of a home. Candle lanterns, on the other hand, are able to do so.

Turn Your Open Patio Into An Enclosed Space For Year-Round Use

Looking for ways to expand your home's living space? Consider turning your open patio into an enclosed area that can be used year-round. Here's how: Install an Awning You need to create a roof for your space to protect people spending time there from rain, excessive sun, and even high winds throughout the year. Instead of spending tons of money to have a real roof installed over the porch, have an awning installed.

3 Reasons To Sign Up For A Daily Floral Delivery Service

Having fresh flowers delivered to your home each day is going to sound like a wonderful dream to some people. Thankfully, there are daily floral delivery services out there that can provide you with just this, such as White House Design Studio. These services are going to deliver your flowers right to your doorstep each day, so you don't have to worry about going out and picking them up yourself. There are also several other great reasons why you should consider signing up for a daily floral service, and this article is going to discuss 3 of these reasons in more detail.