Does Your New Home Have A Pellet Stove? What Should You Know About This Heating Method?

If you've recently purchased a home that relies on a pellet stove for heat, you may find yourself mystified at this contraption if you've spent your life living in homes heated through electric coils, hot water, or natural gas. However, these unique stoves are ultra-efficient and can cut your heating costs significantly. Read on to learn more about pellet stoves and how you can use your new stove to provide your home with inexpensive, energy-efficient heat all winter long.

Air Conditioning Maintenance And Upgrades For Weird Weather

No matter what you think the cause may be, the weather has been a lot more erratic than in past decades: streaks of hot days in the winter, frigid, winter weather when summer should be well into full swing, not to mention hurricanes and other extreme conditions. This can affect comfort levels, but it can also affect energy management if you don't notice the systems turning on and staying on longer than necessary.

Tips For Residential Blinds

Keeping your home cool in the summer time can be very difficult. With doors always opening and letting out cool air and the hot sunshine coming into the home, it really can be a difficult challenge. One way that you can really keep the sun out of the home is by using blinds. Blinds do not only keep the sunshine out of the home, but they can also keep wandering eyes out of the home.

What Is In Your Roofing Warranty?

Your roof warranty is different from other warranties you receive for your home. Understanding what your warranty does and does not entail before the installation can help you make the right decisions when it comes to hiring a contractor and choosing materials. Here is what you need to know about a roof warranty.   Why Are There Two Warranties?  When you have a new roof installed, you will get two warranties. The first warranty should cover the actual work done by your roofing contractor to install the roof.

3 Tips To Keep Your Granite Countertops In Pristine Condition

As a homeowner, having granite countertops in your kitchen is highly desirable because it increases home value. Plus, it gives your kitchen a beautiful appearance and the granite countertops are durable and easy to maintain. However, granite countertops, if not taken care of properly can cause problems. Here are three tips to help you keep your granite countertops in pristine condition: ​Kick the Bad Habits: There are plenty of bad habits homeowners have that can ruin the look of granite countertops.