Little Ways A Water Softener Makes Life Simpler

When "selling" and recommending water softeners, plumbers and appliance professionals usually focus on the big, key benefits of these machines. They talk about how a water softener will keep mineral buildup from forming in your pipes, or maybe about how it will help your water heater last longer. These benefits absolutely exist, and they alone are reason enough to get a water softener. However, they are not the benefits you'll notice the most on a day-to-day basis. Here are some other, more tangible, and more noticeable benefits of having a water softener installed in your home.

Your clothing will be softer.

Are you tired of buying new clothes, wearing them a time or two, and then having them feel increasingly rough and stiff? They probably feel this way because soap scum and minerals have built up on them, which predominantly happens when you have hard water. Install a water softener, and your clothing will stay a lot softer and more comfortable over time. You may not need to replace your clothing as often, which can help you save money.

Your soaps will lather better.

When you use hand soap, dish soap, or even floor cleaner, you may have a difficult time working it into a lather. This is likely due to the minerals in your hard water. They prevent the soap from foaming up as it could, so you have to use lots of soap. Once you install a water softener, you will find that your soap lathers up much better. This will affect you multiple times per day. Your hands will feel cleaner. You won't have to use as much shampoo. You can even save on laundry detergent!

Your coffee will taste better.

Do you enjoy coffee, or maybe even tea? You might notice that it is so much better when you get it at a coffee shop or restaurant than in your home. This could be because of your hard water. The dissolved calcium and magnesium in hard water affect the flavor of the coffee or tea. Install a water softener, and your hot drinks will taste much better — and without you having to use bottled water.

Water softeners do have long-term benefits for your home, family, and plumbing. However, they also have some short-term benefits that you'll notice on a daily basis. It's important to weigh both of these things when you consider getting a residential water softener.