A Wheelchair Lift Makes It Easy To Access All The Floors In Your House

If you need to use a wheelchair all of the time or most of the time, you're probably limited in the homes you can buy. You may prefer to avoid a home with an upper level, even if it would be convenient to have bedrooms for kids upstairs. If you see a home you love, but it has stairs, think about having a wheelchair lift installed. A lift makes it easy to go up and down stairs so you can have full access to your home. Here is some information to know about wheelchair lifts.

The Lifts Can Be Installed Inside And Outdoors

Wheelchair lifts are typically installed beside stairs. They work in a similar manner as an elevator in that they rise and lower vertically. However, a wheelchair lift isn't as complex as an elevator. A lift doesn't need a machine room and it plugs into a regular electrical outlet.

You can place a lift wherever you have stairs in your home. This might include the living room, garage, or outdoors by a deck. Since the lift is beside the stairs and not on them, the lift doesn't block the stairs or pose a trip hazard.

Wheelchair Lifts Can Be Enclosed

It's common for the lifts to be open, but you can have a lift enclosed if you prefer. An open lift still has short walls so your wheelchair can't roll off, but the top of the lift is completely open. This makes the lift lighter, and it also can make using it more comfortable since you aren't closed in a small box.

Outdoor lifts are often left open, but you can cover yours with a canopy of some sort to protect you from sun and rain. The outdoor lifts are not ruined by rain or temperature swings.

The Lift Is Often Better Than Ramps Or Chair Lifts

A wheelchair lift is easy to use, and in some cases, it may be much more suitable than installing a ramp or chair lift. A ramp to your entrance needs a shallow slope as regulated by the ADA. If you have a tiny front yard, a ramp may not be a good match if your entry has a lot of steps since the ramp needs to be longer the higher your entrance door is from the ground.

A chair lift might work that's installed on the steps, but you have to be able to transfer yourself in and out of the chair at the bottom and top of the stairs. You might consider a platform lift that fits on the stairs if your stairs are wide enough. These are often used in a commercial setting, but residential stairs may be too narrow.

A better alternative to both of these options is to install a vertical wheelchair lift that you can roll your wheelchair onto and bypass the stairs completely. This makes going from floor to floor in your home safe, quick, and easy. For more information on wheelchair lifts, contact a company like Professional Lift Solutions.