Ant Control Tips In The Kitchen

Few pests persevere more than ants once they have found a food source. This is especially bothersome when their easy food source happens to be in your kitchen. Not only do you need to get rid of the ants, but you need to do so without tainting your food with any toxic chemicals. The following pest control advice can help you solve the problem. Tip #1: Switch out your pantry containers

Four Things You Need To Know About Brown Spot Needle Blight

There are many fungal diseases that can ruin the look of your backyard pine trees, including brown spot needle blight. Here are four things you need to know about brown spot needle blight. What are the signs of brown spot needle blight? Usually, you'll notice the signs of this fungal disease during August or September. The needles around the bottom of your tree will turn brown, and if you look closely at the dead needles, you'll see black fruiting bodies.