Ant Control Tips In The Kitchen

Few pests persevere more than ants once they have found a food source. This is especially bothersome when their easy food source happens to be in your kitchen. Not only do you need to get rid of the ants, but you need to do so without tainting your food with any toxic chemicals. The following pest control advice can help you solve the problem.

Tip #1: Switch out your pantry containers

Easy access to pantry items is often the main attractant to ants. The standard cardboard and paper packages for most pantry staples pose no barrier to ants. Instead, use plastic or glass storage containers with screw top lids. Larger packages, such as 10 pound bags of flour or sugar, can be stored in plastic storage tubs with tight-fitting lids. At a bare minimum, place open packages of food into sealed zip-top bags to help keep the ants out.

Tip #2: Deep clean the kitchen

Crumbs and spills in the kitchen can also provide food for scouting ants. The biggest culprit are the hidden spills. Remove everything from your pantry and cabinets and wipe down all the shelves with a disinfectant so there are no crumbs or food residue. Also, move any countertop appliances and scrub the countertops well. Finally, pull out the stove and refrigerator and clean up underneath these appliances.

Tip #3: Start a daily cleaning habit

Follow up your deep clean with a daily cleaning habit. Make sure floors are swept at least once daily and that countertops are wiped down after every use. Wash dishes as they are used, or at least rinse them off and place them in the dishwasher. The trash should also be taken out daily so that it doesn't attract ants.

Tip #4: Use a barrier treatment

It makes sense if you don't want to spray insecticide in your kitchen. Instead, talk to a pest control professional about a barrier treatment. This means that they will apply the pesticide around the exterior perimeter of the room so ants won't be able to cross into your kitchen without encountering the pesticide. Other options include bait treatments, where an ant bait is placed in areas away from food to attract the pests. They then take the poison-laced baits back to the nest, where it can kill the rest of the colony.

For more help in overcoming these insect pests, contact a pest control company in your area, such as Suffolk Pest Control.