Winter Is Coming: Signs You Need To Install Gutter Covers

Winter is almost here. It's time to winterize your rain gutters. One way to do that is to put covers on your gutters. Gutter covers take rain protection to the next level. In fact, gutter covers can protect your roof from water damage. They can also extend the life of your rain gutters. If you're not sure you need gutter covers, read the list below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, it's time to invest in gutter covers. 


If your gutters overflow every time it rains, now's the time to invest in gutter covers. Without covers, your gutters are more likely to get clogged with dirt and debris. You might not realize it, but debris and dirt can cause clogs inside your gutters. Spillovers can cause a few problems for you. First, spillovers can cause flooding around the foundation of your home. Second, spillovers can increase the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Luckily, gutter covers can reduce those problems. They do that by keeping dirt and debris out of your gutters. 


If you see rust and corrosion on your rain gutters, the first thing you need to do is repair the damage. The next thing you need to do is install gutter covers. Debris such as pine needles and leaves can trap moisture inside the gutters. Unfortunately, excess water and moisture increase the risk of rust and corrosion. That's where gutter covers come into the picture. Because covers keep leaves and pine needles out of the gutters, there's no risk of trapped moisture. That means your gutters are less likely to develop rust and corrosion.  

Ice Dams 

When winter arrives, you need to worry about ice dams. That's especially true where the roof is concerned. Ice dams can lift roofing material off your house. They can also separate rain gutters from the eaves of your house. Unfortunately, ice dams can develop when water can't flow through the gutters. That's why you need to install gutter covers. Covers keep the water flowing through the gutters. They can also stop snow from building up inside the gutters. That way, your home gets the protection it needs from ice dams and water damage.  


If you don't have covers on your gutters yet, now's the time to inspect for pests. Without covers, a variety of pests can call your gutters home during the winter. That can include mice and rats. Stop rodents from turning your gutters into their winter home. Install gutter covers right away.

To learn more about gutter covers, reach out to a company near you.