3 Patio Cover Options To Help Reduce Rain Noise

A patio cover may protect you from getting wet, but as you enjoy the outdoor space, the noise of the rain could become really distracting and loud. When you hire a contractor for a patio cover installation, you want to consider the noise factor before making a decision on the final design.

Some designs not only provide shade from the sun, but they can effectively reduce the noise from heavy rainfall as well. Check out some of the design options to consider and ways to reduce rain noise on a regular basis.

1. Riveted Patio Covers

Instead of a completely flat patio cover, consider a cover with rivets in the design. The rivets and edges of the design will help reduce rain noise and provide pathways for the excess water to travel. The rivets can help absorb extra sound so you do not hear loud noises underneath the patio area.

Some covers may feature wider rivets or more narrow rivets. The designs are pretty much a style preference, but you can work with a company to see which ones will work best with your patio.

2. Insulated Patio Covers

A patio cover material like aluminum offers complete production from sun, heat, and rain, but the metal material can create loud echoes when rain falls on it. Add some extra protection with the use of an insulated patio cover. The patio cover will include an aluminum topper but also feature a thick layer of insulation underneath.

The insulation will help absorb the sound so you do not hear the rainfall as loud. The insulation can also help protect against extra heat at times when there is no rain. A contractor will present different options for the thickness of the insulation and help you budget what types of insulation you can afford.

3. Steeper Pitch

Instead of a flat patio cover, you could consider a cover that has a steeper pitch. When rain hits a flat patio cover, the impact will often make the loudest noise. When the cover features a slight angle, the rain hits a little quieter and then glides off the angled area. You do not need a dramatic angle to reduce the noise. A slight angle works best.

You can choose an angle to include the best area for the water to run off. Choose an area that will not create large puddles or areas with mud.

Keep all of these options in mind as you seek out a new patio cover for your backyard. Contact a local company to learn more about patio covers