Four Roofing Options That Are Ideal For Flat Roofs

For homeowners with flat roofs, choosing the right material isn't always as easy as it is for those with pitched roofs. Of course, some properties have a combination of both pitched and flat roofs which may mean that one more material is suitable. That being said, it is common for homeowners to have their flat roofs relaid at a different time than their pitched roofs since tiles and flat roof membranes, for example, tend to age at different rates. If you are looking to replace your flat roof in the near future, you need to know which materials are the most suitable for your property. Read on to find out.

Roofing Felt

One of the least costly options, roofing felt is a good choice for sheds and carports with flat roofs. These days, you can purchase anti-tear roofing felt that is much longer lasting than older types, so it may be worth revisiting this material if you tend to associate it with flimsiness. Your chosen roofing contractor will be able to unroll felt and clip it into place quite quickly which can also save on installation costs. One of the main drawbacks of felt is that it has a rather dull, gray appearance.

EPDM Membranes

The modern equivalent of felt in many respects is EPDM. This material is a type of plastic which, like felt, can be swiftly unrolled making for a relatively hassle-free installation. EPDM is a tough material that won't deteriorate when it is exposed to the elements. In particular, it stands up to exposure to the sun's UV rays. This is a good choice if you have extended your property and want a material that will look tidy while not breaking the bank.

GRP Roofing

Fiberglass is a tried and tested material for flat roofs that has been used for years. These days, most roofing companies refer to fiberglass as GRP roofing because this is a reinforced version that is stronger than older technologies. When installed correctly, it can last for a long time. What's more, gutters and culverts can be shaped into such roofs to make water runoff into gutters effective.

Green Roofing

Finally, an option that more and more homeowners are considering is green, or vegetated, roofing. This type of roof consists of trays and lightweight soil into which suitable plants are placed. According to the General Service Administration, green roofs can last for up to forty years or more, thereby offsetting their initial installation costs.

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