Spring Is Here: How To Ensure Healthy Lawn Growth

Spring is finally here. If you're like most people, you're starting your regular yard maintenance. If you have a lawn, the warmer weather is bringing it out of dormancy. Now's the time to get going with your lawn care routine. Spring lawn care can help your lawn awaken and thrive after winter dormancy. If you're not sure how to provide your lawn the care it needs this spring, read the list provided below. Here are four tips to get your lawn growing now that spring is here. 

Restart the Irrigation Process

Now that spring is here, it's time to get moisture to your lawn. You might think that winter rain and snow provided enough moisture, but that's not the case. Once the weather warms up, stored moisture evaporates quite fast. Plus, the stored moisture gets used to rehydrate roots after dormancy. That's why you need to start the irrigation process as soon as spring arrives. Starting your sprinklers early in the season prevents the roots from drying out. Plus, the extra water helps encourage healthy lawn growth. 

Revitalize the Root System

Your lawn has been dormant throughout fall and winter. During that time, the roots haven't grown. They also haven't gotten much oxygen. That's because soil loses aeration during the fall and winter. One way to promote healthy lawn growth this spring is to revitalize the root system. You can do that by aerating the soil. There are a couple of ways you can aerate the soil. You can hire a lawn care service to aerate the soil. Or, you can use a handheld aeration tool and take care of the aeration by yourself. 

Replenish Fertilizer Levels

If you haven't fertilized your lawn yet, now's the time to do that. Your soil didn't only lose aeration during the winter. It also lost a lot of nutrients. Unfortunately, loss of nutrients can stop your lawn from sprouting new growth during the spring. To make sure your lawn thrives, replenish fertilizer levels right away. If you're not sure what nutrients your soil needs, contact a lawn care service. They can test your soil for nutrient levels. That way, you can target the nutrients your soil is missing out on. 

Remove the Dead Growth

If you didn't clear your lawn before winter arrives, there could be some thatch to deal with. Dead grass and leaves can starve your lawn. It can also increase the risk of disease. That's why you need to remove the dead growth now that the soil is getting warmer. 

For more information about spring lawn care, contact a local company.