Pine Tree Assessments And Pruning Techniques

A pine tree undergoes various growth spurts throughout the course of its life. These spurts can result in overgrowth or an inconsistent shape. A residential tree care team provides services that will reshape a tree and encourage good health. 

Pine Tree Varieties And Growth Patterns

A tree care team will assess your pine trees to determine what species you own. The region where a tree is growing and the type of landscaping that surrounds the tree can affect the growth pattern of a pine. Growth patterns may coincide with the amount of sunlight and water that a tree receives. The conditions of the soil that surrounds a pine can also have a bearing on how quickly branches, needles, and cones grow.

For instance, a tree that is growing along a shaded part of your property may not receive an adequate amount of nutrients that sunlight supplies. As a result, there may be some drooping branches on the tree or the tree may lack a deep green pine needle color. The assessment steps are ones that are similarly conducted for other tree species. 

Pruning A Tree And Canopy Lifting

Topping a tree is a pruning technique. There are various ways to prune a tree, each providing a pine with a distinct shape. Topping a tree can be used on conifers, deciduous varieties, and evergreens. Topping is often conducted if a tree has grown to an unsafe height or if upper branches are in danger of intertwining with electrical wires or other immobile items that are on a parcel of land.

A hat rack pruning technique involves cutting the top and the sides of a tree. The trimmed branches will be uniform in size and shape. They will extend outward and upward. Since many of the tree branches will be aligned at a slant, the upper part of a pine tree will resemble the shape of a coat rack. With either the topping or hat rack pruning technique, new growth will be evident after a few weeks.

Pruning can be conducted to make a pine tree resemble a bush. If you like the compact appearance of a bush, having a large part of the side and top of a pine tree pruned will transform a tall lanky tree into a short one that is easier to maintain. Canopy lifting involves removing low-lying branches. The removal of the branches will reveal the lower trunk of a tree. 

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