Hanging Organization Elements For Closet Design

When designing the interior of a closet space, you need to consider which types of shelving, racks, and other hanging organizers you want to include. To decide this, you'll want to take a look at the types of belongings you have in which quantities. For instance, if you have a lot of shoes, you may want several sets of shoe shelves. Or, if you have a lot of items that need hanging, you'll want to include a lot of different hanging organization elements.

Here are some of the hanging organizational features you could include in your closet systems.

1. Pegboard 

A large pegboard on a closet wall can give you a huge variety of organization possibilities. Depending on the size of the pegs and how you arrange them, you can hang jewelry, purses, coats, accessories, and even small organizers such as baskets or mini shelves on your pegboard. One of the great things about a pegboard is that you can always rearrange the pegs later if your organization needs change.

2. Rotating clothes rack

A hanging clothes rack that rotates can allow you to make the most of a small closet area. Whether freestanding or ceiling-mounted, this type of hanging rack allows you to hang a large quantity of items in your closet and still easily access all of them by simply rotating the rack. If your closet spaces are cramped, this can be an extremely useful feature to include.

3. Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves can allow you to transform hanging storage areas into flat surfaces, which can help make your storage spaces more versatile. For example, shelves that hang from the back of the closet door can allow you to incorporate vertical storage principles into your shoe storage.

4. Multi-level clothes racks

Multi-level clothes racks can allow you to fit more items into a smaller space. If you have a lot of blazers in your closet and don't have any full-length garments (such as dresses), you may be able to hang two racks, one below the other, effectively doubling the hanging capacity of that space. 

5. Specialized hangers

Specialized hangers are another feature that can help you to creatively organize items into small spaces. For instance, a hanger with brackets to hang ties from could allow you to store a dozen or more ties in the space of one blazer or blouse. Similarly, specialized hangers are also available for other accessories such as scarves, belts, and even necklaces.

These are some of the hanging closet storage systems you can use to design the perfect custom closet system for you. Or, use these features to add hanging storage to an existing closet design.