How to Care for Your Antique Bedroom Furniture

If you have recently acquired a set of antique bedroom furniture, you are likely excited and ready to arrange them. However, in addition to your excitement, you may be wondering if there is anything special you should do to take care of this new-to-you furniture. There are certain steps that you can and should take to take care of your antique bedroom furniture. Get to know some of these steps to take. 

Be Careful Where You Put Your Furniture

One of the key elements of taking care of antique bedroom furniture is to be careful where you place the furniture. You will want to try to avoid placing the furniture directly in front of any windows, for example, and should try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Antique furniture can fade, have the finish be worn down, or otherwise have issues with direct sunlight, especially right in front of the window where it gets the most UV rays.

If you must place antique bedroom furniture near a window, make sure you have UV-filtering drapes over the windows and that those drapes are drawn during the heat of the day. This will provide your furniture with some protection. There are also UV-filtering coatings that you can put on the window glass to help with this issue. 

Additionally, you should not place antique furniture directly over or under heating and cooling vents. This can warp the furniture and increase wear and tear on your beautiful antiques. Of course, it should go without saying: do not place heating elements like space heaters or electric fireplaces near your antique bedroom furniture for the same reasons. 

Dust Your Furniture with Soft Cloths

You should dust your antique furniture regularly with soft cloths to help maintain its quality. Dust is abrasive, so if you have a beautiful wooden bed frame or dresser, for example, that dust can slowly wear away at the finish on the wood if it's allowed to stay there for a while. This leads to damage to the wood itself which may or may not be repairable. Try to dust your antique bedroom furniture at least once a week if not more often to avoid these problems. 

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can care for your new antique bedroom furniture, you can be sure you are doing everything to take proper care of it going forward. Contact antique bedroom furniture suppliers to learn more about maintenance.