3 Things To Look For When Replacing Your Front Door Lock

The lock that is installed on your front door acts as the first line of defense against any home invasion. It's important that the front door lock be in good condition and working properly if you want to maximize your home's protection.

Replacing an old lock can be a great way to increase home security and gain some valuable peace of mind. There are some unique features that you will want to look for when shopping for a new front door lock to ensure that the new lock is capable of providing maximum security over time.

1. A Deadbolt

One of the most critical characteristics to look for when you are buying a new lock for your front door is a deadbolt. A deadbolt is designed to extend deep into the door frame. This makes it more difficult for a potential burglar to bypass the lock with something like a credit card.

A lock in the door handle is not enough to protect your front door. Ensure that your new lock has a deadbolt so that you can protect your home against unwanted entry.

2. Weather-Resistant Design

Another characteristic that you should be looking for when replacing your front door lock is a weather-resistant design. Not all locks are created to withstand constant exposure to the elements.

If you install the wrong lock on your front door, you may find that the materials used to create the lock rust and corrode over time. This type of damage can weaken the integrity of the locking mechanism and create difficulty in getting your key to work.

Locks that are designed for exterior use are capable of resisting corrosion when exposed to rain, dirt, and snow. Only a weather-resistant lock can be counted on to provide your front door with reliable locking capabilities over time.

3. Tech-Enabled

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the home security industry. You can now find a wide range of smart locks available for installation on your front door. A smart lock relies on the same locking mechanism as a traditional lock, but the way you activate the locking mechanism is more diverse.

You can choose a smart lock with a programmable key code or a smart lock that is activated using a programmed key fob. Each of these lock designs allow you to quickly and easily bar access to your home if you have a roommate move out or your child loses their key fob.

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