Tips To Renew The Look Of Your Patio This Summer

Summer provides you with pleasant weather and sunshine in which you can spend time in your backyard and on your patio for dining, relaxing, and entertaining with friends. With so many outdoor activities available you can improve your backyard environment with some finishing touches to make the space more pleasant and inviting. Here are some tips to help you update and improve your outdoor patio space.

Improve Your Patio Furniture

After one or more seasons of use outside, your patio furniture and their cushions can become faded and dirty. However, you can replace their coverings with some new upholstery fabric to restore their appearance and make them customized to your personal preference. When you shop for new upholstery, you have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from to transform the look of your outdoor space, either with a new color scheme or a new theme. 

For example, if you want to update your backyard with a tropical or Mediterranean theme, select some outdoor upholstery fabrics in turquoise, sapphire blue, teal, aqua, and some sunny yellow which you can recover any sofa cushions and accent pillows. These colors can provide a beach look to your outdoor space.

Be sure you select durable upholstery fabrics, which will hold up well in the outdoor sun and occasional summer storm. You can have them professionally recovered or with a sewing machine and simple straight seams make slipcovers to go over your existing cushions and pillows.

To save money, consider buying discount upholstery fabric for this project.

Add Patio Landscaping

After replacing or recovering your patio furniture upholstery, you should add some extra vegetation to soften the look of the area and also cools the air around the space. Any area that is exposed to the sun can absorb the sun's rays and heat up, but when you add vegetation to shade and cool the air it will make the space more comfortable.

With a few planter pots, you can place a variety of large and small-sized vegetation around your seating area. You can also add some tropical plants to your outdoor space for the warm summer months, which will help you make a tropical feel to the area. Just be sure you move any tropical plants indoors before the cooler fall temperatures arrive. 

By using these tips you can update the look and condition of your patio upholstered cushions and pillows, and add attractive vegetation to cool the air and add visual interest and variety.