4 Things You Need To Know About Installing A Copper Sink Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen sinks, aluminum and stainless steel seem to be two of the most commonly used materials. However, they are not the only sink materials you can use in your kitchen. Copper sinks are always an option, and they can provide you with some unique benefits and features.

#1 Copper Sinks Offer Antibacterial Benefits

First off, copper sinks offer you antibacterial benefits that are built into the material. Bacteria does not live as long when it encounters copper. Harmful bacteria die within a few hours in a copper sink, which is a very short period of time, when the sink is at room temperature. Even if the sink is cold, the bacteria will still perish within a day.

Harmful bacteria can live for hours or even days on other common sink material. Installing a copper sink can actually benefit your health and protect you from harmful bacteria.

#2 Copper Sinks are Non-Porous

A copper sink is a non-porous material. That means that bacteria and liquids will not be able to soak into the material. Having a non-porous material is important for a sink, as it is going to encounter a lot of moisture, and you want your sink to be able to handle all of this moisture. This also means that your sink will not become stained because you poured red wine down the drain, for example.

#3 Copper Sinks Are Easy to Take Care of

Copper is easy to clean. As it doesn't stain, you don't have to worry about scrubbing away food or water stains from your copper sink. You can clean your sink using an all-purpose kitchen cleaner, or you can use more natural cleaners, such as baking soda and vinegar, to clean your copper sink. You can also just use some simple dish soap to clean your copper sink.

#4 Copper Sinks Are Environmentally Responsible

Next, copper sinks are environmentally responsible. Copper sinks are made from copper, which is a natural occurring material and is not made through artificial processed. Copper materials can also be easily made using recycled copper, and when you are done with your sink, you can recycle your sink. Copper really holds it value as a metal and may even fetch you some money whenever you are done with your copper sink and decide to recycle it.

Copper is an environmental responsible, non-porous material that has natural anti-bacterial benefits. In addition, a copper sink can be a stunning feature in your kitchen.