How To Insulate Your Basement Ceiling

Your utility bills are bound to get a larger over the years. Of course, maintaining an efficient HVAC system is just one part of managing your bills. However, there are also some more dramatic, yet simple ways you can increase the efficiency of your home. Adding insulation, wherever you can, is one great way to ultimately reduce your utility bills. This article explains how you can add insulation to your basement ceiling.

Many basements, especially in tract home communities, are left unfinished. That is, the ceiling is not drywalled in order to enable the homeowner to make their own decisions in regards to plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. You can add insulation to your basement ceiling which is basically adding insulation to the floor above it. Best of all, you can do this project yourself and reduce the cost significantly.

Adding Insulation to Your Basement Ceiling Joists

The basement is usually much colder than the rest of the house. So, unfinished ceilings can be very problematic, especially during the winter in cold regions. That is, the cold air can penetrate through your floor, making it cold to the touch, and cooling down your entire home. You want to create a barrier between this cold air and the main level of your house.

Adding insulation to exposed joist bays is very simple. This is partly due to the fact that you can use fiberglass insulation rolls that are exactly 15.5" wide. Basically, you just need to cut the rolls to the right length, and then staple them to the space in between the studs. This is obviously very easy, self-explanatory work. It is important to remember that fiberglass is extremely itchy, so you want to wear a long sleeve shirt and protective eyewear while doing the work.

Adding Drywall, Too

If you want to make your floor even more insulated, you should strongly consider adding drywall to the ceiling after you have finished the insulation. Adding drywall to ceiling is going to be a far more ambitious and expensive project, but it is also going to significantly improve the insulation. This is obviously a job that will have to be handled professionally, unless you have drywall experience. Many people will have the drywall installed, but won't add texture to the basement ceiling, because it isn't necessary. Regardless, insulation will significantly improve heat retention on your floor, and adding drywall will take it a step further.

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