Eight Ways To Make A Wall 'Pop' In Your Home

Make the most of an interior wall by doing something to make it 'pop.' This can make smaller rooms seem larger, simple surroundings seem stylish, and larger rooms more cohesive. Try bringing some pizzazz to any room in your home with some simple design ideas.

Eight ways to make a plain wall 'pop' are:

  1. Hang something elegant. The first suggestion is to go minimal by using the wall to showcase an elegant piece of wall art. Whether it is a framed photograph, a painting, or some sort of multi-media collage, keep things simple and center the artwork at eye-level. This will draw attention to your display and give the room a sophisticated touch.
  2. Paint it bold. Use a bold paint color to create a contrasting wall in your room. Use an existing accent color or go with something that simply makes you smile. This will create some drama and style in any space.
  3. Tile with mirrors. Invest in adhesive mirrored tiles, which are typically found at crafting stores or home improvement venues. Using a level to keep things square, cover the wall with the tile to create a wall of mirror and light. You could also arrange tiles in patterns or shapes, on just a portion of your accent wall.
  4. Bring in some light. Give the room unique illumination by using the wall to install lighting fixtures or features. Neon signage, track lighting, or cool picture lights to show-off something hung on the wall or simply to reflect the light back into your room.
  5. Create a tile mosaic. Create something magnificent with mosaic tile. It makes sense to first sketch out the design, and try tinted grout or caulking to complement your design.
  6. Display your framed pictures. Use the wall to display a large-number of framed photos. Try painting each frame in the same color to make a unique wall display, of all different sizes and shapes of framed pictures.
  7. Go faux. Cover the wall with faux brick or stone to bring rustic charm to your space. You may find adhesive vinyl that replicates these natural facades, and that is easy to clean and care for.
  8. Use a fabric facade. Another cool idea is to cover the wall with a fabric façade. Use a textured fabric, like tapestry or linen, for a conversation piece that guests can't keep their hands-off.

Give a room some 'pop' by using one of these eight ideas in your home. Visit home décor sites and retailers to find what you need to transform a room- one wall at a time!