Mesh Screen Doors and Outdoor Candle Lanterns for a Cool Exterior Look

Walking outside on a patio shouldn't be a high-risk endeavor. Slips and trips are possible when visibility is low due to limited light. Outdoor candle lanterns might add a nice bit of illumination to an exterior. Of course, simply installing overhead motion detector lights can do the same thing. What various functional light system cannot do is bring out a unique decorative look to the exterior of a home. Candle lanterns, on the other hand, are able to do so. A really cool looking candle lantern can quite cost-effectively turn an exterior into something special. As long as the lanterns are able to effectively blend into the exterior complementing such things as a screen door, the lanterns should do the job nicely.

Fitting in with the Backdrop

In order for the lanterns to truly mesh well with the exterior, the style of the lanterns has to fit into a home's outside look. Style clashes don't exactly contribute to aesthetic brilliance. Blending in really isn't all that tough. If the lantern has a similar style, then it should fit nicely. For example, a white screen door with black trim would make a fine backdrop for a black metal lantern with white lantern windows. Gray windows, however, might stand out somewhat imperfectly.

Making Slight Changes

If the backdrop is not all that great looking, take the opportunity of procuring a new outdoor candle lantern as the impetus to making a few necessary changes. The trim on a screen door gray instead of black? Is the color of the screen door faded? $10 worth of paint could provide the necessary touch up to make things blend together perfectly. Slight changes such as these could have an incredible effect. Consider the small funds for touch up paint or other patchwork fixes to be money well spent.

A Glitzy Look is Possible

Standard and inoffensive colors and styles are not mandatory. In other words, no one should feel limited to procuring generic-looking lanterns. Someone who wants something with unique style and bright colors definitely could buy such selections, but they do need to fit with the backdrop. Otherwise, they are going to clash horribly and detract from the desired aesthetic look being sought. Maybe the time has come for replacing the aforementioned screen door. Instead of generic black and white, the new door could be wood colored with more than a hint of orange and yellow tints. Really, there is a lot of flexibility with how the lanterns and screen doors can gel together.