Turn Your Open Patio Into An Enclosed Space For Year-Round Use

Looking for ways to expand your home's living space? Consider turning your open patio into an enclosed area that can be used year-round. Here's how:

Install an Awning

You need to create a roof for your space to protect people spending time there from rain, excessive sun, and even high winds throughout the year. Instead of spending tons of money to have a real roof installed over the porch, have an awning installed. This will save you some money and provide the weather protection needed to effectively enclose your patio. And because awnings come in a variety of colors and designs, you can customize the look of your enclosed space and enhance your home's overall curb appeal at the same time.

Forego a retracting awning in favor of a basic standstill model. You won't be retracting the awning once the space is fully enclosed, so you can save yourself a little money on the costs of your awning by going with a basic model. However, if you think you might change your mind down the line and decide to open your porch up again, it would be nice to have a retractable awning in place so you can open and close it depending on the weather and seasons. So, take some time to think about your possible future needs and wants before deciding what kind of awning to purchase so you can be sure to get the most long-term use out of it.

Screen Things In

After you've installed your awning, you can fully enclose your new space by stapling screen around the edges of the awning and to the floor. If your porch floor is made of concrete or another material that won't allow you to staple screen into it, install 2x4 around the edges of the space right below the outside edges of the awning. You can then staple the screen to the edges of the awning and then below to the 2x4s. Make sure to leave two feet or so free of screen that can function as an entrance.

Hang Some Plants

Now that your porch is enclosed, you can create some extra weather protection from heavy rains and high winds by hanging potted vine plants from the awning along the interior edges of the space in front of the screen. Choose plants with stems and leaves that will grow from the hanging pots near the awning roof to the ground, where they can be trimmed and maintained. This will create a living wall around the enclosed porch and keep you more comfortable while spending time there.

Now the space is ready to furnish! Be creative and include a mix of both indoor and outdoor items to give the space a multifunctional look and feel. Contact an awning company, like Canvas Exchange Inc, for more help.